what the floop this kid has better style than 99% of the male population

y’all better step ya crusty basketball shorts w socks n sandals game up this kids style game shits on the entirety of the male population

why yall actin like he can even put pants on by himself 

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this tattoo though

Sometimes you just have to turn your back and walk away, whether you’re walking out on your friends, or the love of your life. Sometimes letting go and moving on is the hardest thing to do, but the best thing in the end.
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Remember me?
It’s hard to recognize a punching bag
without your fist against it
it’s cool leather caressing your knuckles
it’s only protest is it’s slight, reassuring, resistance,
its unique way of always swinging back.
I remember you.
The grooves of your knuckles are still engrained in my skin
Your voice is still in my bones
Your shadow is still on my wall on the nights I can’t sleep.
I have tried to forget you,
but memories don’t fade
as quickly as scars do.
There isn’t much left I have to say to you.
I want you to know that I flinch when he loves me
and I cry when he yells
and I never touch him first,
but I won’t.
I want you to know but I will not say any of this.
Everyone told me to speak up
to speak out
but you,
You always told me to stay quiet.
Some things never change, huh?

"Running Into an Ex Boyfriend On a Subway" by Lizzy

I didn’t want to post this but then that made me want to post this.

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He forced me to have sex,
but he could not force me to make love.
A steeple is not needed to make this body into a church.
He did not steal a piece of me.
One cannot keep something
I did not choose to give.

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I am every little girl you ever watched, touched, hurt, screwed, killed.
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You could never cry
when you talked about him
He had taken so much,
even your tears away
The first time you cried
in front of someone
was when your therapist asked
if you remembered how it hurt

And you couldn’t speak
because the hurt was still
sitting on your chest
after all these years

He silenced you.

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Touch her again for broken hands.
"And I Will Be The One To Break Them (Six Word Story)" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables)

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